Street Drags

Started in 1968 Firebird Raceway is a quarter-mile drag racing facility that was established to provide a range of affordable family entertainment. For about five decades this quarter-mile facility has been offering over fifty racing days each year throughout April to October. Aligned with the National Hot Rod Association Firebird Raceway is the first-rate facility that is sure to deliver tons of fun for fans and racers of all ages who come here to experience drag racing at its best.

Firebird International Raceway - Firebird Lake

If you dream to become the super-star of drag racing then Firebird International Raceway's Street Drag program is just what you need. To participate in the car run or be a passenger you should be a licensed driver of 18 years of age or older. Young people of 16 to 18 years of age who have a driverís license should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
The cardinal rule of the facility is: the speed limit is 5 miles per hour, with the exception of the dragstrip itself.

Clothing requirements:

For safety precaution, drivers and passengers must wear long pants that cover the legs, a shirt with shoulders and full-coverage shoes (wearing sandals or flip-flops is not allowed).

Vehicle requirements:

Before you are allowed to participate in the race your car is going to be checked by Tech Inspection to ensure the safety of the participants and their passengers as well as the safety of spectators and race crew. Keep in mind that the decisions of the Race Director on Tech Inspection matters are final!
1. The car should feature seat belts which must be worn when racing.
2. All windows must be in good condition (no cracks). Cars must run with all windows up, sunroofs and T-tops closed. Convertibles must run with the top up.
3. Make sure your automatic transmission has a functional neutral safety switch.
4. Doors handles must be functional, inside and out.
5. Make sure the battery is securely mounted. Keep in mind that battery must not be located in driver/passenger compartment.
6. Cars with batteries that are relocated from the stock location should come with an external master cutoff switch on the outside rearmost part of the car. This switch should kill the engine as well as all other electrical functions. Label the OFF position of the switch for the safety crew.

Vehicle with a Certified Safety Cage, Belts & Fire Suppression System

7. Cooling system should feature an overflow catch bottle. In case your coolant-recovery system is not factory-stock, this bottle must be at least 16 ounces capacity.
8. Tires must have minimum 1/16 inch of visible tread remaining, with no cord showing. Visible wear indicators showing for the slicks are required.
9. Carburetor must be covered. If your car doesnít have a hood, you must remove the mechanical fan but electric fans are permitted.
10. If your car runs 13.99 or faster, or you will drive a convertible you must be equipped with an SFI-approved helmet with a Snell rating of 2000 or newer. For passengers in convertibles running 14.00 and slower wearing an approved helmet is also required.
11. Make sure your vehicle has minimum one working taillight. During night racing it must be ON.
12. If hubcaps and trim rings are not bolted on they must be removed. In case they are bolted on, you will be asked to remove one or more caps to check the wheel stud length. According to the safety requirements, wheel studs should extend into the hex portion of the lug nut a distance equal to the diameter of the stud.
13. Vehicles equipped with slicks that can run faster than 13.00 in the quarter-mile require a driveshaft loop.
14. All vehicles are prohibited to be in motion with the hood up.

Below are additional requirements for motorcycles:

1. Rider must wear a full-face SFI-approved helmet with a Snell rating of 2000 or newer.
2. Rider must wear a leather jacket. Those with bikes that can develop the speed over 120 mph in the quarter are required to wear full leathers.
3. Wearing full finger leather gloves without holes is a must.
4. Make sure you wear leather shoes or boots that reach above the ankle.
5. Your bike must have at least one working taillight visible to the Starter from the turn-out at the far end of the track.
6. Throttle of spring-return type must snap closed when released.
7. Motorcycles that can run 10.99 or faster in the quarter mile should feature a positive ignition cutoff switch.
8. Nitrous oxide is permitted if bottle is DOT-1800 rated and securely mounted.
9. Only operational two-wheel brakes are allowed.
10. Three-wheelers of any kind are not allowed.

If your vehicle meets all requirements mentioned above then you are ready to participate in one of the major upcoming races of the fall 2016.
- 28th Annual GSTA Muscle Car Shootout
September 2-4† - Celebrate Labor Day by joining the BIRís traditional grand finale of the Muscle Car Series on the drag strip and exciting - - SCCA road racing on the road course. The event will feature live music and a classic car show.
- Zalusky Advanced Riding School
September 5 - Zalusky Advanced Riding School is known for providing advanced motorcycle rider training for riders of all skill levels.
- Wednesday Night Drags - Street Legal Style
September 7 - Anyone with a street-legal car, $25 and a helmet who is willing to take part in BIR's world-class drag strip can join this racing event.
- MAP Proving Grounds
September 9-11 - Drivers of imports and sport compacts are welcome for drag racing, drifting, stage shows, autocross, lapping, burnout contests, car shows and much more.
- BIR Performance Driving School
September 12 - The highly professional instructors at the BIR Performance Driving School are ready to share their knowledge and experience in high performance driving to help you become a real race car driver.
- Nord Stern Porsche Club of America
September 16-18 - The private club racing event will be on the track this weekend.
- CRA Superbike Racing & IWA Watercross
September 23-25 - Experience three unforgettable days of wild Superbike racing. The IWA will provide thrilling snowmobiles racing on open water.
- Bracket Drag Racing Series
Sept 30-Oct 2 - The final two races of the 12-race Bracket Drag Racing Series, it will determine series champions in 10 racing classes so the competition is going to be tough.
- Glacier Lakes Quattro Club
October 8 - A private club event is scheduled to be on the track this weekend.